Who Is Red Vest Entertainment?

Red Vest Entertainment, LLC is a family run business owned by 2 Brothers, Tony and Matt. Tony initially started providing DJ services in 2003. After taking time off to start a family, Tony joined with Matt in 2015 to establish Red Vest Entertainment with plans to expand into additional areas of wedding and event services.

Our Values:

Our top priority is to insure that you have the perfect day that you have dreamed of for years. We have seen and been effected by weddings or events that have been ruined by vendors. We do everything possible to insure that your day is perfect. We have a very limited advertising budget and that is because we want all of our business to come from referrals. The best advertising investment we can make is in our relationship with our clients.

Our Cost:

We are not in the business to price gouge you and we do not do rock bottom pricing with subpar equipment. We have completed competitor pricing assessments of our area. We know what everyone else charges, we know what equipment they use and how much experience they have. We set our prices at a point that allows us to continue to grow as a company and at a price that gives you a quality service without blowing your budget. Events and weddings are expensive and we do all that we can to provide you a fair price.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee to keep the spot light on you. You will not find us taking over your event with a master mix session. We are not club DJ’s. We are here to insure you and your guests have a good time. We play the music you want and run your reception the way you want it. We will offer best practices and our experience but at the end of day, it is your day and we will do what makes you happy. We guarantee that all of our music is legally purchased, edited to insure a clean event and of the highest quality.

Our Way:

We only have one way of doing business; the right way. Our relationship with our clients is the most important aspect of our company. Yes, we use contracts, but where we come from, a handshake is all we need. We are here to give you what you need for your special day. If you want a service that we do not currently offer, we will work to obtain that service for you. We know that every event is different and we work to offer you a custom experience.